Dental Services

Like humans, pets need regular dental care, too! And like humans, pets can also experience periodontal disease, inflammation of gums, and broken or damaged teeth that can only be discovered during a comprehensive dental exam.

All dental procedures are performed while pets are under anesthesia. This is to ensure the safety of both your pet and our team. Unlike humans, pets cannot comprehend why someone with tools is in their mouth, which could lead to your pet becoming scared and aggressive with our team. Not only that, but it gives our team time to provide a thorough and complete examination without having to restrain and keep your pet still, leading to a better appointment and overall experience. To ensure your pet’s safety during the appointment, we perform routine bloodwork prior to appointments requiring anesthesia. We also take dental radiographs to ensure we are getting the whole view of your pet’s whole mouth, allowing us to determine if there are problems underneath the gums we cannot see with the naked eye.

A member of the Delano Veterinary Clinic team monitors your pet the entire time, and pets are gently brought out of anesthesia in the comfort of warm, blanketed kennels.

A dog receiving dental care and teeth cleaning.